Yokohama iekei ramen IKKAKUYA


Phone Number: 03-3356-9100
FAX Number: 03-3356-9100
Business Hours: 24 Hours
Day Off: Open throughout the year

 Recently, the ramen, called “iekei”, has been popular. It is the noodle that a ramen shop “Yoshimuraya” devised in Yokohama and its soy sauce taste is made up based on pork soup.
  The basic style is what its toppings are a big sheet of niri, boiled egg, spinach, and thick sliced roast pork.
  The rich taste and rather many toppings please a lot of people, and then this type of ramen is getting more popular.
  The shops which provide “iekei ramen” have been increasing gradually, and however, each one adds a device to show its own originality.
  ‘Ikkakuya’, which has appeared in such a situation, devised an original soup to boil pork and chicken bones together. Their rich but plain soup makes it favorable even for ladies, so people have begun to recognize them an ultimate “iekei ramen” shop.
  In ‘Ikkkuya’, customers can order thick or light taste, amount of oil, and hardness of noodle as they like, so that makes many of them happy. Besides, visitors can order additional topping. What is more, because rice is free charge and many kinds of flavoring are put on the table, it’s OK that you should pour left soup onto white rice to make your own seasoning way to eat!!
  Visitors find a ticket machine when they enter the shop, so even foreigners can easily come though they don’t speak well.