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Phone Number: 03-5269-0055
Business Hours: 11:00-20:00
Reception: 11:00-13:00 14:00~19:20
Day Off: New Year
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Service5% Discount for printed voucher.


The latest contact lens will be arranged, and we wait for coming to a store of everybody until 8 PM. It is "Ace contact lens Shinjuku east exit shop."

The contact lens is medical equipment that sends naked "Seen world" to you. Therefore, we are making an effort to offer a collection and the best lens of latest ophthalmology department information. We are proposing the lens used easily most hearing
 customer’s needs  individually, and feel free to consult, please. We are making an effort to offer it as much as possible by the reasonable price because it is a lens used every day.

It is safe also for the first comer because there is an ophthalmology department clinic in the same building.


Disposable lens 【1day type】 One eye One packing 30 pieces
 ◎One Day ACUVUE
 ◎アルメット One Day
                    From 2180 yen (including tax)

Disposable lens 【2 Weeks type】 One eye  One packing 6 pieces
 ◎Focus two weeks
 ◎Medalist plus
 ◎Medalist Ⅱ
 ◎Two weeks ACUVUE
 ◎Two weeks PURE
 ◎ROHTO iQ14アスフェリック
 ◎Two weeks aquair
 ◎Two weeks
                    From 2180 yen (including tax)

Disposable & efficient type
 ◎Six times oxygen are delivered to the pupil.  O2 optics
 ◎Exchange at quarterly intervals C style
                    Usually type 5600 yen
        Person with strong astigmatism 8200 yen

 ◎One month type Purete light pius One box three pieces
                             4000 yen

There are a lot of lenses except the above-mentioned because it can correspond to the customer's hope. Please feel free to call when attaching to be detailed.

Because it is an ace, it is possible to do・・・Four safe security! Super-A system

It is possible to exchange it even times how many with free of charge for one year.
 ①Eyesight is changed.
 ②It was damaged.
 ③It has become cloudy.
    It will be sold many times by the discount price in one year. (A part of commodity is excluded.)
 ④When it's lost.