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Music School Wood was first established in 1976 at Shinjuku Chuodouri (Central Street). At present besides its Shinjuku campus, Wood Music School holds its branches in Kanda Jinboumachi and in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. This school offers you a wide range of music courses, from voice-training, Piano, Guitar,Bass and musical composition lessons to Computer based music making and electronic music studies. This school not only meets needs of a large music lover but also satisf's people who are aiming to be professional musician, seeking to make their debut. Staffs and instructors consider the enjoyment and satisfaction of each student at their class as their first priority. Classes are located 6 floors of two buildings in Chuodori (Central Street). Please register classes from Docomo Shop at JR Shinjuku Station South-East Exit 

 Available Courses
《Entrance Level》

This is three months of basic training class for freshman level students.
Enrollment fee 5,250Yen Monthly pay 6,300
●Vocal basic knowledge Beginner

●Acoustic Guitar Beginner’s course  ●Rock Guitar Beginner’s course  ●Keyboard. Piano Beginner’s course  ●E-Bass Beginner’s course  ●Contra- Bass Beginner’s course  ●Blues Harp Beginner’s course  ●Composition Beginner’s course  ●Ukulele Beginner’s course

《Personal Lessons》
You can choose the date and time for your music lessons according to your convenience.
Enrollment Fee 5,250 Monthly Pay 11,550
●Vocal voice training  ●Electronic Guitar  ●Acoustic Guitar  ●Composition  ●Computer Based Music Making  ●Contra-Bass  ●Classic Music Piano  ●Jazz Music Piano  ●Pop Music Piano  ●Electronic Music  ●Yamaha Certificate Preparation  ●Synthesize  ●Blues Harp  ●Anime-Song

Wood Music School also offers Professional Musician training Full-day Courses.