GoGo Curry Shinjuku East Exit
Central Street Stadium

Phone Number: 03-6457-7656
Business Hours: 10:55~22:55
Day Off: Never
Home Page: http://www.gogocurry.com

  B-kyu gourmet" is a type of Japanese food. "B-kyu" means the second class, and "gourmet" means food in this case. Its requirements are popularity and cheapness. From being a well-known "B-kyu gourmet" in country wide Japan, GOGO Curry restaurant now has extended its popularity to worldwide; it has established its chain stores in many countries like America, Brazil, Hong Kong and Singapore as well. Striking Gorilla Logo of this Shinjuku store is most well-known to the salary men groups in here, because, with quick, cheap, well-nutritious curries, this shop has become a good power station in this vicinity.
  For those unfamiliar with Japanese curry, it is very different from Indian or Thai curries. It's a bit less spicy and a bit sweeter and deeper in flavor. Curry they use comes from Kanazawa, historically popular sweet curry-production area. Go Go does a fantastic version and is well worth seeking out.
  For those who don’t speak Japanese, no worries at all, jut go for the food ticket machine, it is easy to understand with pictures. Without speaking a single word, in just a few minutes you will get what you want on your table. Prices are very reasonable given the excellent food and the surprisingly fast service (especially when you consider that each meal is fried to order). If you are looking for a fun spot for a quick meal GOGOG curry is the place you should visit.